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These markets operate entirely on supply and demand. So anytime you have too many sellers, the prices for gift cards will decline. Because of these dynamics, it makes sense to compare a few different markets to find out available prices before buying. The only thing better than buying your gas at a discount, is to get it at a bigger discount. Before you purchase a gas giftcard from a giftcard market, click through a cash back site like Ebates and check if there is cash back available before you make a purchase.

Instead, click through to Ebates and see if any cash back is available for Raise. Another easy way to earn some extra money during your free time is to complete surveys through Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie includes over 3 million members that help companies create products and features that are most important to you.

In return for your time and feedback, you have the option of receiving money directly from Paypal or selecting any number of available giftcards. The surveys will all have different point values. Its pretty easy to earn enough extra spending money to cover a few extra tanks of gas each month from completing a few surveys in your free time.

Using Ibotta is a simple way to save money by linking your everyday shopping with instant rebates. After downloading the app, you link your favorite stores to your account. The initial screen only shows the most popular stores, the full list includes a much larger number of stores. When I looked today, the full list of participating stores was From there you just go through and save instant rebates on any items that you expect to purchase in the near future.

Some items have rebates that are eligible anywhere and other items have rebates that are only available at certain retailers. Manufacturer rebates can redeemed anywhere, but retailer specific offers have to be redeemed at that retailer. Just click on the item and its easy to see how the redemption works. Depending on the store, you have the option of linking your store card directly to Ibotta or uploading a picture of your receipt to the app. When you link your shopping card, you will sometimes have access to more offers related to that store.

You also have the ability to receive the rebate as an instant discount on your receipt when you purchase the eligible item.

Only Free Gas Cards

Your savings will easily add up to a few tanks of gas each month. If you happen to have American Express credit cards, you may already be familiar with Amex offers. Amex offers will show up any time you link into your Amex credit card account. You can see them from a desktop or from the mobile app. When you see an offer that you like, you just click a button to link it to your credit card.

When you use the credit card for the linked offer, you will receive an immediate credit on your credit card statement. Amex offers frequently have deals specific for discounted gas. However, you can also get even more value from Amex Offers if your willing to think a little more creatively. Amex Offers will also frequently offer similar discounts at retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, and other similar department stores. Those department stores all sell giftcards.

For example, you could use the Amex offer at Lowes to buy a gas giftcard.

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The Amex offer will get activated and you will receive free gas in the process. BMW i8, Tesla are some decent models that are on the pinnacle of electric vehicles. Carpooling to the job is an easy way to decrease your fuel expenses. Carpooling is also excellent for parents. Public transportation is excellent in some cities. However, if your city provides safe and comfortable public transportation, it can be an exceptional way to save some money.

These were the ways to get free gas cards or discounted gas cards. We also tried to cover some ways to save money on fuel. Hope you like it, and it will help you to save money! Go ahead a save and make your dreams come true.

Avoid These Gas Scams

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How to Get Free Gas

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. That includes everything from switching to a more fuel-efficient car to driving around in search of the best prices at the pump, only to save a few cents. As it turns out, there are several ways to get significant discounts on gas, including getting free gas cards.

There are a lot of sites out there offering free stuff, but most are scams. Swagbucks is a reliable and legit way to get free gas cards. Swagbucks is a site that rewards users for doing all kinds of simple tasks online, like taking surveys , watching videos, and shopping online. There are even rewards for using their search engine and playing games all things you can do from home. Swagbucks awards points for completing these activities, which you can trade in for gift cards. Read our full Swagbucks review here. Lots of credit card companies offer rewards just for using your card.

That being said, there are some cards that can save you money on gas and get you closer to filling up your tank for free. If you drive a lot or have a gas-guzzler, this card is a great option.

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  8. The Chase Freedom Card also offers cash back on gas purchases, but you may have a harder time redeeming this reward. At least one quarter per year features gas stations as a reward category. You have to activate the rewards online with this card, so make sure you pay attention and get cash back for gas when you can.

    Like the Chase Freedom Card, the Discover It Card also features gas stations one quarter per year and requires you to activate deals online. Although Swagbucks is great because it offers so many ways to earn rewards, there are lots of sites where you can just complete surveys for rewards. These sites are reliable and offer money you can use for gas in exchange for your survey responses. Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites, especially if you want to get free gas. You can choose from a few gift cards or just get cash via PayPal. While some people put them in a drawer and never spend them, others sell them online for a little cash.

    With these websites, you can buy unwanted gift cards for less than their face value and save money. Gift Card Granny might be the best site for buying cheap gift cards. The selection varies widely, depending on what other users have sold. You can search their site for all kinds of gift cards, including cards for gas stations like BP, Speedway, Sheetz, Citgo, and tons more. If you watch the site carefully, you can sometimes find better deals that are worth snapping up. This deal makes the site worth using at least once.

    Just about every grocery story today has some kind of loyalty rewards card. A few stores offer really great deals, including big savings on gas when you spend more with them. Take advantage of the extra fuel savings by shopping at these stores. For every dollar you spend using your Safeway Club Card, you earn 1 point towards gas rewards at Safeway, Chevron, or Texaco stations.

    Get Fuel By Participating in These Promotions, Incentives and Programs

    Stop and Shop offers a fuel savings program just like Kroger and Safeway. Earn points by shopping at Winn Dixie. What makes this program so great is that you can earn bonus points for buying certain items, and gift cards earn you triple points. That means if you save up enough points, you could fill up your gas tank for free! A few changes can help you save hundreds with little or no effort.