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When Rose was drunk and organizing cans for the mayor, Kanaya became angry, prompting Rose to ask if Kanaya was going to break up with her. The answer was an emphatic no, further supporting that Kanaya and Rose are together. During the events of [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1 , when Rose and Terezi find themselves sitting on the surface of LOLAR nursing their respective hangovers, Rose expresses regret over the way that she had been acting toward Kanaya throughout her period of drunkenness and refers to Kanaya as her girlfriend for the first time in the comic:.

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She fails and is stabbed. Before dying, Rose says to Roxy and John that she loved her. While Kanaya's emphatic refusal to break up with Rose even in her rage over Rose's drunkenness showed that their relationship possesses the fortitude necessary to survive great hardship and emotional strain, Rose's express of regret and mention of Kanaya as her girlfriend, even in sobriety maintains this with even greater certainty and puts to rest doubts that the entire relationship was made possible by Rose's drinking. Rose and Kanaya's relationship happened in the old timeline as well as in the new timeline, which Kanaya explicitly confirms here.

The two are seen reading a book on the quadrants together, with them both being annoyed when Vriska joins them, and Kanaya mentioned that Vriska likes to Flagrantly Spy On [Them] Sometimes , referring to the times Vriska saw Rose making no discerni8le effort whatsoever to disguise the fact that she's happy , which implies that Rose is happier than she generally is when she's with Kanaya.

John remarks they make a nice couple and that their relationship must be a strong relationship if it can survive both a three-year reboot and the sudden presence of Vriska. Sometime after the kids and surviving trolls entered the new universe, Rose married Kanaya, and subsequently helped her oversee the future propagation of the Troll race, helping her raise future generations of young trolls. This is largely due to how the sprite's obvious similarity to herself and how the sprite's behavior reflects on her. Even when Jasprose was merely Rosesprite, Rose found the prototyping of pre-retcon self to be absolutely absurd and nonsensical through the lens of her seering abilities, sending Rose into a fit.

This view on her former self may reflect on the Alpha Rose. John and Rose share a friendly, often very playful relationship. Although Karkat had insisted that the two were destined to marry, their relationship seems have remained, by and large, platonic. John considers Rose to be very intelligent and deeply mysterious. Rose and Jade share a friendship similar to John, but appear to interact less regularly.

Jade had the unfortunate responsibility of informing Rose of her mother's death. Despite Rose's spiraling emotions, she admitted that Jade was honestly doing a very good job of comforting her. Vriska and Rose don't appear to have any significant relationship, as Vriska considered Rose to be very unapproachable and makes an effort to avoid interacting with her. After the retcon, Vriska is present on the 3 year journey and is largely responsible for getting Rose to quit drinking. Rose considers Vriska to be a absolute bitch, albeit a necessary one.

Eridan attempted to start a black romance with Rose, and made several unsuccessful attempts at wooing her. Eridan callously states that Rose's magic is fake and tells her to get off her high skyhorse. He also erronously believed that Rose was a highblood. Rose merely responded by exploding Eridan's computer. Rose had also unsuccessfully attempted at acting as auspitice for Terezi and Gamzee's black romance. Post-retcon, the two appear to interact even less, due to Terezi generally oribiting Vriska. Terezi later admits to Vriska that she is very fond of all in the kids, Rose included and finds herself to be somewhat jealous at how they all seem to complete each other.

Prior to the retcon, Rose appears to be on good terms with Gamzee, as he reveals his blackrom with Terezi and she advises him to go back into hiding to avoid Kanaya. Following the retcon, the two don't appear to have had any significant interactions whatsoever. Rose appears to be generally fond of Nepeta, and teases the troll when she asks to talk to Jaspersprite.

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During her brief interaction with Aradia, Rose admitted to finding the troll to be actually interesting. After Aradia reaches godtier, the two don't appear to have any significant relationship, but appear to get along, at least. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Tales of dubious authenticity. This character appears in The Homestuck Epilogues. Due to their ambiguously canon status, please refrain from adding information regarding the events that occur in the epilogues. Feel free to discuss future options for the wiki addressing this situation here. For the post-scratch version of this character, see Rose Lalonde post-scratch.

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Consider this your first lesson in showmanship. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Introduction Page. First Appearance. Screen Name. Typing Style. Perfect grammar and syntax. While drunk, often misspells. Strife Specibi. Fetch Modus. Live s in. Feigned interest in Wizards, Wizard statues. Pesterlogs John: Check message. Pre-scratch Kids. Heir of Breath. Seer of Light. Knight of Time. Witch of Space. John Egbert. Rose Lalonde. Dave Strider. Jade Harley. Post-scratch Kids. Maid of Life. Rogue of Void.

Prince of Heart. Page of Hope. Jane Crocker. Roxy Lalonde. Dirk Strider. Jake English. Post-scratch Trolls. Maid of Time. Page of Breath. Mage of Doom. Knight of Blood. Aradia Megido. Tavros Nitram. Sollux Captor. Karkat Vantas. Rogue of Heart. Sylph of Space. Seer of Mind.

Thief of Light. Nepeta Leijon. Kanaya Maryam.

Rose Lalonde

Terezi Pyrope. Vriska Serket. Heir of Void. Bard of Rage. Prince of Hope. Witch of Life. Equius Zahhak. Gamzee Makara. Eridan Ampora. Feferi Peixes. Pre-scratch Trolls. Witch of Time. Rogue of Breath. Heir of Doom. Seer of Blood. Damara Megido. Rufioh Nitram. Mituna Captor. Kankri Vantas. Mage of Heart. Maid of Space. Knight of Mind. Sylph of Light.

Meulin Leijon. Porrim Maryam. Latula Pyrope. Due to her son's overwhelming percentage of European ancestry and appearance, she switches him with Driscoll's son when the boys are infants, hoping to guarantee Chambers freedom and an upper-class upbringing. Tom is switched with Roxy's baby Chambers when he is a few months old, and is called "Chambers" from then on.

Raised as a slave, Chambers is purchased by his uncle Judge Driscoll after his brother Percy dies. The judge is childless and sad, and wants to prevent the young man Tom Driscoll from selling Chambers downriver. Chambers is portrayed as a decent young man whom Tom forces to fight bullies. He is kind and always respectful towards Tom but receives brutal treatment by his master.

He speaks in the black dialect spoken during slavery.

Roxy Traveling Light: A Journal of Personal Growth

Valet de Chambre is Roxy's son. From then on he is known as "Tom", and is raised as the white heir to a large estate. Tom is spoiled, cruel and wicked. In his early years he has an intense hate for Chambers although the other boy protected Tom and saved his life on numerous occasions. Tom attends Yale for two years and returns to Dawson's Landing with "Eastern polish" which results in the locals disliking him more.

Tom is portrayed as the embodiment of human folly. His weakness for gambling leads him into debt. After his father's death, he is adopted by his uncle Judge Driscoll, who frequently disinherits him, only to rewrite his will again to include him. Luigi and Angelo Capello, a set of near-identical twins, appear in Dawson's Landing in reply to an ad placed by Aunt Patsy, who is looking for a boarder. They say they want to relax after years of traveling the world. They claim to be the children of an Italian nobleman who was forced to flee Italy with his wife after a revolution.

He died soon afterward, followed by his wife. One of the twins is said to have killed a man. One of the twins kicks Tom because he made a joke about him at a town meeting. Wilson is a lawyer who came to Dawson's Landing to practice law, but was unable to succeed at his law practice after alienating the locals. He establishes a comfortable life in the town, working as a bookkeeper and pursuing his hobby of collecting fingerprints.

Although the title character, he remains in the background of the novel until the final chapters. Twain originally envisioned the characters of Luigi and Angelo Capello as conjoined twins , modeled after the lateth century Italian conjoined twins Giovanni and Giacomo Tocci. He planned for them to be the central characters of a novel to be titled Those Extraordinary Twins. During the writing process, however, Twain realized that secondary characters such as Pudd'nhead Wilson, Roxy, and Tom Driscoll were taking a more central role in the story. More importantly, he found that the serious tone of the story of Roxy and Tom clashed unpleasantly with the light tone of the twins' story.

As he explains in the introduction to "Those Extraordinary Twins":.

So I pulled out the farce and left the tragedy. This left the original team in, but only as mere names, not as characters. The characters of Luigi and Angelo remain in Pudd'nhead Wilson , as twins with separate bodies. Twain was not thorough in his separation of the twins, and there are hints in the final version of their conjoined origin, such as the fact that they were their parents' "only child", they sleep together, they play piano together, and they had an early career as sideshow performers. Frank M. Mayo produced a theatrical adaptation in and played Wilson. At times, I would be called to join the guests inside the hall, to make conversation with one VIP or another.

We developed the art of animated conversations about nothing: the weather, living in Jordan, and other such apolitical topics. Black-tied and white shirted waiters would circulate around with trays of drinks and pretty tiny appetizers. I believe it was then I developed a taste for caviar. Years later, my duties would grow to taking pictures or filming videos. And the conversations outgrew the light meaningless how-is-the-weather variety.

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Jordan personal growth. That year, as a new student in the first year of a high school, I finally experienced something tremendously meaningful for me. It was the first time in my life that I would start the school year not only on time, but with a group of students who all were new too. For once, I would not be the circus clown with all eyes on me. I would not be the odd one out, in a place where everyone already had fixed social circles.

That in itself was a wonderful experience I was looking forward too expectantly! The first thing I noticed, was how well planned the registration, orientation and other start-of-school affairs were. On the first day of school, I happily surveyed the faces around me.

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy – Roxy Description

All shy and uncomfortable. I felt on top of the world. Poor girls! I was going to mentor them all! Say hello and make friends with everyone, put them out of their misery! Yes, Fawzia to the rescue! Then, we sat in class for our first meeting with our homeroom teacher. She had already lined us up by height and assigned class numbers, then seated us accordingly. Being tall — well, not in the West, but yes, I am supposed to be tall in Taiwan — I got seated somewhere in the back, I think it was the last row.

Then Teacher Yang asked us all to stand up in turn, starting with Number One, and introduce ourselves. Please direct and guide me! I thought my speech out. In the Far East, a common ending to self-introduction speeches is to ask for everyone else to guide the newbie.

Happily, I waited for my turn to come. I stood up, opened my mouth, then it happened. The same thing as always. I stuttered. I stammered. I sweated and trembled, and choked on my words. I gave up and sat down again. I felt my heart beating as fast as galloping horses and my hands were still trembling uncontrollably. I hung my head. I realized at that moment, that my shyness had spiraled totally out of control and was now pathological. A disease. Shyness, or social anxiety, can be extremely crippling. Today, I can analyze clearly the situation. The unwarranted fear-fight-flight reaction exaggerated to an extreme.