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Leaving from their source until reaching their estuaries, we follow their turbulent past and present, their currents and meanders as well as the beautiful landscapes they carve and have to put up with. But rivers can also be both common lifelines and radical separations for animals as well as humans. Harri Pinter is a jerk. For an Ice Hockey junkie, this is the ultimate compliment. The bare-knuckled 46 year old refuses to grow up and that causes his long term girlfriend to leave him for a man with his heart on his sleeve. Harri faces a mid life crisis on his own while getting ready to compete for his ex's heart.

Game on. And he remains a jerk even though the 46 year old now only ever sets foot on the ice to coach the U12 team. Only his closest friends would know that behind this macho image lies a sensitive man. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have any close friends. Even his long term girlfriend, Ines, has lost hope that he could ever grow up. As Ines fast forwards her life plans, Harri doesn't make the cut. She suddenly starts dating another man and Harri dives right into a mid life crisis.

What has he done wrong? Harri is ready to compete for Ines. It's going to be his biggest match yet. The stakes are high. Ready for some not-so-usual family drama? Hubert and Helga reunite with their children and current partners for Hubert's mother's birthday. But the elderly woman is too fragile to be told the changes in their family life, so they pretend nothing has changed. Exhaustion and drunkenness gets the better of them, to the point where they forget who they really want to be with. How has economy fared since the Brexit vote? Founded in with the help of Mozart's widow Constance and his two sons as a student orchestra for the new Mozarteum, over the many years of its existence the Mozarteum Orchestra has grown into an internationally renowned cultural ambassador of the city of Salzburg, where Mozart was born.

In honour of its th anniversary, this film, directed by Peter Beringer, portrays in close-up an orchestra known for its performances of symphonies and operas. In constant tension between everyday life and high art, the film searches for roots of the fascination generated by this orchestra and its significance for the music scene in Austria.

This fascinating film offers a sensitive portrayal of the animals and plants, landscape and people throughout the seasons. More microorganisms live in and on our bodies than our bodies have cells. Bacteria, fungi and viruses form our microbiome and its condition is crucial to our health. It is interesting that there are more very old people in Italy than elsewhere on the continent.

Sardinia is seen as 'the island of the centenarians'. The remote location has ensured the survival of particular genetic traits. Leading scientists are working to track down the secrets of healthy aging. Stress-resistance, social contacts, a healthy lifestyle and a good family life are evidently the key to happy aging. The people of Campodimele in southern Italy too seem to have discovered the secret recipe for a long and healthy life. WELTjournal reporter Alexander Steinbach has set out on the search for the wisdom behind Europe's centenarians and has come up in a number of places with surprising answers to the great questions of life.

Outside of China the largest city in the world is hardly known: Chongqing at the Yangtze Kiang is as big as Austria in size, has around 30 million inhabitants and continues to grow. Unlike the developed cities in the eastern coastal areas that are only growing slowly, the speed of growth and development is even rising in China's interior. Who are these new groups that are taking a hold on the right fringe? How have the lives of the people in Russia changed since? This documentary gives people who experienced the end of the Soviet Union a voice: passionate communists for whom a world came to an end; dissidents who fought for democracy.

The rise of the president of the right wing party 'National Front' hit headline news worldwide. What are Marine Le Pen's political goals and how is she going to achieve them? This documentary shows Marine Le Pen throughout her election campaign, talking to political opponents, including her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, who she excluded from the party.

On 15th March there will be a general election to choose a new Dutch government. The outcome is uncertain. Will the right-wing populist Geert Wilders be the prime minister in a right-wing coalition? With his anti-Islam stance, Wilders has ushered in a transformation of Dutch politics. He wants to close all the mosques, re-impose border controls, bar the country to Muslim immigrants. Like other right-wing politicians in Europe, he is profiting from dissatisfaction with established politics. Drastic cuts in social services and health spending have added fuel to the fire. Alexander Steinbach reports for WELTjournal from a country that was once the poster- boy for liberal values and tolerance, and analyses the political and social situation in the run-up to the election, which could point the way ahead for the whole of Europe.

What we eat has consequences - and not just personal ones for our own health. The fact that excessive consumption of meat can harm not only our own health, but indirectly that of other people and the global climate, is nowadays something of which many people are well aware. When it comes to indulging our sweet tooth, however, this realization comes as a surprise to many.

Every year in Austria around 25 children are born that cannot be unambiguously classified as either boys or girls. These children are termed intersex. This is an approach that often has traumatic consequences for those concerned. In those days the veil had become a private matter and equality seemed within reach. Who were the pioneers of this feminist movement? And how could such a reversal take place? The slums of Nairobi are home to more than two million people. Caught in a mire of need and suffering from which there is almost no escape.

Sister Mary sees no reason to give up. The combative Irish nun has spent the past forty years battling corruption and mismanagement in the Kenyan capital. She has built schools and training workshops in the middle of the slums and in doing so has saved tens of thousands of slum-dwellers from a life of crime, violence and hunger.

Failing attracts attention. Failing is unpleasant. We don't talk about failure. Crises, flops and mishaps are all among the experiences we would like to forget about, even though they're part of life. The notion of 'shame' plays a big role here, because in our society 'making mistakes' still carries a stigma. That's not the case in Silicon Valley, where many who failed with their start-up stand by that failure, in fact they're almost proud of it.

With this as a starting point, a 'culture of failure', yes, even a veritable 'cult' surrounding failure is developing over here. Constanze Griessler illuminates the topic of 'failure' in her documentary, portraying several perspectives. The Obersalzberg retreat was the summer residence and retreat of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and his closest confidants in the Nazi regime. The public are mainly familiar with fi lm footage and photographs from the alleged Nazi idyll. For the first time, eye witnesses are willing to talk about their experiences in Obersalzberg.

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Honey-badgers, wolverines, ermines and stone martens - even otters - each have their own way of making their room their territory, and each room has magical access to the natural habitat they left behind. The body of the head of the police academy is discovered. At first everything points towards suicide with his own service weapon, especially as his wife has been found dead on the top floor of the building. It seems he beat her to death in the heat of the moment. But the autopsy paints a whole other picture.

The projectile in his chest wasn't fired from his own weapon; yet the type of bullet is a police-only issue.

Jan - June 2006 - against

That means the perpetrator is most likely from his own ranks. Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner's investigations at the police academy dig up some extremely suspicious facts.

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During shooting practice in the Woods, year-old Franzi overestimates his abilities and doesn't confidently hit the empty wine bottle as usual - he hits his grandfather. Shocked, Franzi runs away and doesn't have the courage to confide in anyone. When Anton Wolf dies two days later, without having revealed the facts, a dramatic course of action unfolds: almost all the villagers suspect Franz Wolf of having shot his father during an argument; they go on a veritable witch hunt against him, a serious trial for Franz and his wife Irene.

When Josef, Franz's brother, returns to the village, he seems to be the only one who believes in his brother's innocence. The Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra can rightly claim to be one of the most authentic ensembles for interpreting the music of the Strauss dynasty. In -- nearly years after Johann Strauss I had founded the Strauss Orchestra, the great demand for high-Quality interpretations of light music led a group of musicians in Vienna who belonged to the small ensemble of the Austrian Radio Orchestra to found the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra.

It was formed of fortytwo musicians, that it to say the ensemble was the same size as that which, according to authentic accounts, was preferred by the members of the Strauss family. The Axel of the story is a reporter desperate to secure an interview with Mills that will make or break his career, but who finds that all his efforts are thwarted by both the actress and the shenanigans of the studio moguls.

Aichner, in combination with its special black-and-white visual design, this operetta is an exceptional Music experience. Axel at Heaven's Gate is much more than a period piece and well worth discovering as it makes its return to Vienna at the Volksoper Wien; indeed it is a work that offers a tantalising glimpse of what might have been had it not been for the war; one that might have seen Viennese operetta continue to prosper alongside the still young medium of cinema. Tremendous choirs for the heavenly host, enthralling musical portrayals of the creation of light and luminarie, the paradise, nature, animals and a stunning duet of the first people - this is Joseph Haydn's Creation.

The story of court jester Rigoletto and his beloved daughter Gilda is as thrilling as a crime and as tragic as no other opera before. Guiseppe Verdi built a grotesque world in-between carnival, life and death. Through his masterpiece Verdi provides an insight into the causes of revenge, social exclusion and the construct of misinterpreted love and creates a drama that touches people's hearts and minds until today. Margarethen Quarry. A black man, beaten to death in a quarry, is found near a small town. An explosive case in times like these. The dead man is not known in town and has no ID on him.

The autopsy not only reveals that the man must have already been dead by the time he was deposited in the quarry, but also that he was infected with Ebola. The diagnosis immediately triggers the emergency plan for highly infectious diseases. Panic spreads. Moritz and Bibi have to continue with their investigations throughout this state of emergency, while running the risk of being contaminated.

And so here they are, ready to enter folk music heaven. And absolutely nothing goes according to plan. Just before their appearance the writer of the song that they were due to sing refuses to let them perform it, blaming sudden differences with the group's manager, Damir.

But there can be no turning back for Frank and Mick - the gig must go on no matter what. A little song, it'll almost write itself, right? The two musicians have loads of time to conjure up a potential hit song. Loads of time! Well, about four hours anyway.

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So they get down to work! Between rehearsals, costume problems, and even a police interrogation plus all kinds of artistic tensions, Frank and Mick work feverishly at their hit song. The clock is ticking and the gig looms ever closer. In the year Erhard Jungnikl laid down under a walnut tree and shot himself. This documentary focusses on the experiences of Saskia Jungnikl, his bereaved daughter. After seven years Saskia is finally ready to talk about the suicide in front of the camera. She believes that society's taboos have to be overcome and gives private insights into her feelings and how her life has completely changed.

In Znaim, the traditional Christmas cookies are glazed with white fondant. He has always been the youngest, the most gifted, the child genius. In December Rudolf Buchbinder will celebrate his 70th birthday and immodestly wishes to see the climax of his pianist's career at the end of his career. Interviews prove how much his colleagues appreciate him. The legendary Sacher Hotel in Vienna has been the realm of the social elites for almost years.

Since it first opened in , the hotel has represented cosmopolitan openness, the ultimate in culinary artistry, the very finest patisserie and courtly ritual with a clear division of roles. To the present day the hotel is attuned to the heartbeat of one woman: Anna Sacher. She blended a highly attractive mix of the private and public spheres that the elites of European society could not eschew. The Sacher was where those members of society met who at breathtaking speed created everything that makes up our current reality: consumer culture and tourism, the emancipation of women and the breaking of sexual rules, modern marketing, the tabloid press, new technologies and the globalisation of the markets.

They seem to have come from another world: circles and buildings made of gigantic stones. The most famous are Stonehenge in Britain and Carnac in France. But these megaliths from the Stone Age - 5, years BCE - are found all round the world, as recent discoveries show. There appears to be a network of sites from the north of Scotland to the Mediterranean Malta alone has around 30 temples to the Far East - with gigantic graves in Korea. It's still not clear how ancient civilizations managed to create these fantastic stone structures.

How did they lift the huge blocks into place? And what can we learn about those societies? What were the turning points in their history? Was there a secret connection between the cultures that built the megalith circles? New studies and the latest international research reveal fresh clues to the biggest mysteries of the Stone Age. He has been a hero for generations of readers: Winnetou, the noble Apache, created by author Karl May in the late 19th Century. Millions of readers and viewers have been riveted by his adventures, and his friendship with the frontiersman Old Shatterhand.

Behind the fiction lies a true story. They planned to observe and record the indigenous peoples and the epic landscape of the American West. Thanks to this relationship it became possible for Von Wied and Karl Bodmer to see the world of the indigenous peoples through different eyes.

This documentary as well as the writings of Karl May are based on both accounts and memories of Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer. The drama of life is unpredictable - that's true for wild animals just as for humans. Kestrels have learned to live close to man; they even raise their hatchlings in our cities. This is the story of two kestrel couples bringing up their chicks in the same neighbourhood in the center of Vienna. While destiny rewards one breeding pair with success, the other kestrels face a more brutal fate: they have chosen an unsuitable location to brood and raise their hatchlings.

With unflinching observation this film celebrates the family lives of Kestrels, their needs and efforts when breeding, and the life that follows a successful brood. Once the fledglings have learned to fly, parents and offspring face a vital decision: stay in Europe over the winter or head off to southern climes with abundant prey?

Whatever they decide, another unpredictable drama of life beckons. Cuba has some of the richest wildlife in the Caribbean: 3, km of pristine coastline, mountain ranges still draped in primeval forest, swamps teeming with moisture-loving creatures - and much of it thrives because of Cuba's revolution. Decades of socialist government, U. This film will feature Cuba's wildlife where it meets the island's colonial and revolutionary past, and present: from the clouds of vultures riding the updrafts around Havana's legendary 'Habana Libre' hotel to the Cuban boa constrictors making their homes in the deserted mansions of long-gone sugar barons, to the coral-smothered cannon of wrecked Spanish galleons.

Neighbors from Haiti to Jamaica may have flushed their natural wealth into the sea; Cuba sits like a green jewel in azure Caribbean waters, pulsing with life. The world of the Vikings was a world of ice and flames. A world of epic exploration, adventure and discovery. Connected to Nature in a profound way, the Vikings were the first to experience the fabulous wildlife of the Islands of Fire and Ice - Shetland, Iceland, Greenland and beyond. This unique documentary combines never before filmed animal behaviour with a spell-binding historical narrative, drawn from the very sagas created by the Vikings 1, years ago.

From killer whales hunting seals to arctic fox clans struggling to feed huge and hungry families. From the wily raven to the noble gyr falcon; walrus haul-outs in the sub-Arctic and vast herds of migrating reindeer, all filmed in 4K splendour. This is the Wild Way of the Vikings. Gustav Kuhn is an opera obsessive, conductor and general manager of the Tyrolean Festival Erl, which he founded.

He is also the head of the Accademia di Montegral which he set up and which is based near Lucca in the Convento dell'Angelo. Up-and-coming, first-class musical talents are individually encouraged here, receiving a well-rounded training. Martin Traxl visited Gustav Kuhn in his creative crucible in Tuscany and his festival hall in Erl and followed the journey taken by Gioacchino Rossini's Guglielmo Tell from the preliminary rehearsals in Lucca to the stage of the Erl Festival Hall. A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of Gustav Kuhn's festival operation. The cookery show that's a little diff erent, theTV-sensation that's a little diff erent: 3 amateurcooks - food critic Florian Holzer, artist ThomasNowak and photographer Ingo Pertramer - decideto buy an organic ox, slaughter it themselves andprocess it within two weeks.

The challenge is to cook a whole ox. From start tofi nish, from head to toe. So the performers buy aliving animal from the green Alps, slaughter it, butcherit and during a two-week open-air cooking-sessionprocess, turn it into durable and appetizingpreserved meat.

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It's made durable not least to showthat the supermarket shelf isn't a foregone conclusion. The meat is smoked and dried, but mainlyboiled down - in dozens of diff erent varieties andwith tons of recipes. Classically and through all theworld's cuisines. The idea sounds simple, but it proves to be a raceagainst time, inner resistance, technical problemsand culinary confl icts. In eight episodes, a projectthat was about curing the meat of an animal thatgrew up happily, using classical methods and thebest recipes, turns into the most sensitive cookeryshow in TV history.

From above, we see the tremendous natural spectacle of the mountains and fly over deep valleys, lakes and rivers. And "below"? Intimacy is created. As the herdsman drive their cattle down into the valleys, as we watch the traditional handcraft, festivals and the arts in action. The juxta-position of landscape, tradition, technical innovation and pulsating life creates a completely new image of Austria, scored with great feeling by Hubert von Goisern. Fantastic classic cinema - for our eyes and ears.

The Great Wall played a major role in the rise and the fall of empires and dynasties. It determined the volatile history of China - and the entire world. But how did the Great Wall become the wonder it is today? How did it influence history and culture in China and in turn in the rest of the world?

The two-part documentary, with high-quality re-enactments, tells the story of the two greatest emperors in Chinese history. He linked several regional Walls from BC to protect his empire against foreign invaders. This was the first Great Wall. Nearly a million people slaved on its construction. Hundreds of thousands died from starvation, fatigue or brutal punishments. Many workers were buried in the wall itself. When he died their emperor entombed his concubines alive and created the legendary Terracotta Army to fight his battles after death.

The move north brought the center of Chinese power close to the Empire of China's arch-enemies, the Mongols. By now it was an engineering masterpiece, precisely calculated and planned. But what does its breathtaking scale tell us about 3, years of Chinese culture and history? Did it really keep China safe? This series explores the legend of the Great Wall and reveals incredible discoveries - like the crucial role of Climate Change in the Wall's story! For a long time, Europe has looked at itself as an example that will determine the future of the societies around us.

But that seems to be over now. In Hungary, Ukraine and Russia, political movements are on the rise, movements that see Europe's open society either as the concept of an enemy or as obsolete. In Hungary he shows how an EU-country turns away from European values and the resulting consequences on everyday life.

However, for many in Ukraine, Europe still means hope. Despite the disappointment, because Europe doesn't support Ukraine more actively against the Russian neighbours. In Russia on the other side, the people balance between deep suspicion of European influences and longing for a European future together. GardenCULT is a creative infotainment format forbeginners and advanced gardeners. The retro picturestyle and the unconventional camera movementas well as the authentic moderation of the show areunique.

DIY instructions help the viewers to applywhat they have learned in their own garden. In everyepisode experts explain the creation of plants orgardening tools. GardenCULT takes the viewers bythe hand and with a moving camera and picturesqueimage compositions leads them through the idyllicTV-garden.

In ten episodes, ten different gardens willgrow in front of the viewers' eyes. Although the billionaire is part of a corrupt relationship network his name is on the bottom of the transplantation list. This is a clear signal for his family to organize his hereditary title. The Bach Consort ensemble presents the festive Easter Concert for the third time. In the concerttakes place in the Klosterneuburg Monastery. On the rd anniversary of its first performance in London, Handel's Oratorio willring out in the Collegiate Church in Klosterneuburg.

Handel's Messiah outlines the message of the Christian salvation history:the prophecy, incarnation of Jesus, suffering, death, resurrection and promise of his return. Handel,the great musical dramatist, unfolds the events with theatrical force and touching empathy. This musical biography covers life from childhood to the present and at the same time showing his musical history based on previously unseen photos and personal details from the family archive, concert clips, sample work and personal comments of the star conductor.

Austria's Alpine glaciers, ancient seas and mighty rivers have carved out giant mountains, caves and lakes - key to its wildlife today. Eagles, ibex, marmots and deer are iconic, but there are other, stranger creatures: Goosander ducks breed in hollows high in trees. Just a day old, long before they can fly, the newly-hatched ducklings must leap up to ten meters to join their mother in the brook below.

Through glacier melt, via waterfalls,streams and lakes, water finds its way downstream, creating habitats for lynx, wolves and foxes, but also owls, bats, frogs, dragonflies and water birds. They all find their home in Austria's unforgettable landscapes, created by water's endless cycle and ever-changing forms. Austria's world-famous bird sanctuary, Lake Neusiedl, has its secrets. Hiding in the reeds, the cuckoo conceals his intentions well, fooling some birds - but not all - into bringing up its demanding and murderous offspring.

Austria - Created by Water melds overwhelming spectacle with minature high drama in a portrait of a country where water in all its forms brings beauty - and life. Paula Rohm receives an alarming telephone call. There have been deaths. At the school Paula and her husband Michael, realize that their son Felix is the perpetrator, and was himself his final victim.

The world of the wealthy Rohm family falls apart. The more the truth comes to light, the more clearly each family member recognises their own part in Felix's terrible choice. The challenges of the survival of the Asian Elephant and other endangered species including Bengal Tigers, Indian Rhinos and more, with intense human animal conflicts as human populations explode around these ecological hotspots and ancient elephant lands. Can India, a nation steeped in spirituality, save its forests in these times of species extinction and climate crises.

Even though Salzburg has only been a part of Austria for years and many important historic events took place long before then, their impact is still formative and significant. The film offers plenty to interest both the eye and the ear with familiar as well as largely unfamiliar sights and stories. On 11 March a devastating tsunami occurred after an earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of northeast Japan.

As a result the Fukushima nuclear power station experienced a power cut, leading to the worst-case scenario: the largest civilian nuclear disaster after Chernobyl. Five years later the situation still isn't under control at the nuclear power plant. There are problems removing thousands of tons of radioactively contaminated cooling water. Even so, the authorities want a rapid return of the evacuees. To this end, extensive decontamination work is taking place. Areas are gradually being cleared for resettlement. Few want to move back, but many don't have a choice.

The two worlds of Argentine folk music and European baroque music are contrasted with one another in impressive fashion. Dubrovsky brings their musical roots to the audience, highlights what they have in common and, as the musical programme unfolds, embarks upon an entertaining, enigmatic and insightful search for clues from Leipzig to the roots of baroque music as far as Africa. The musical contributions come from the Zacherl Factory, the Konzerthaus and the Hofburgkapelle in Vienna. Whilst the mezzo soprano, Bernarda Fink, and tenor, Francisco Brito, perform baroque works in the South American tradition, and present Argentine music according to European performance practice.

The time of the great godfathers is over; today the Mafia is more discreet, efficient, and professional than in the days of Mario Puzo , author of The Godfather. The conspirative organization covers Italian society like a net. The more profitable a business activity, the more likely it is to be involved. This documentary shines a light on the 'Ndrangheta, the most powerful, dangerous, and mysterious Italian Mafia organization. Its estimated annual revenue: 53 billion euros. Over the course of years, we follow the dramatic life of Gober, the orang-utan mother. This is a scarcely believable but true story from Sumatra, the large Indonesian island.

Gober is first noticed by conservationists when she struggles to meet her daily nutritional needs. It soon becomes clear that she is suffering from creeping sight loss, and her daughter will still be dependent on her for years to come. The observers are all the more astounded when the little one eventually begins to take care of herself and her mother. Her desperate search for food takes her ever more frequently to the oil palm plantations.

However, hungry orang-utans find little sympathy in this death zone. In view of their declining prospects of survival, the conservationists see only one option: to bring the two of them to a rescue centre. However, the daughter will not let herself be captured and remains behind in the forest. But who can take away the pain of an intelligent and sensitive orang-utan at the loss of her child?

Out of sympathy, Gober is allowed to become pregnant again. The father is another blind orang-utan who was shot at on a plantation and who now too is eking out his life in a cage. That Gober is an excellent mother is demonstrated when she brings twins into the world in the centre. Her cataracts are removed in an operation and, with the return of her eyesight, Gober sees her two children for the first time. And that is not all. The reintroduction to the wild in one of the last safe forests in Sumatra is possible. However completely unexpectedly, her son shies away from the wilderness.

Will Gober suffer another tragic loss of a child - or is it finally a stroke of good fortune? In front of the eyes of her rescuers, her daughter conquers the tops of the jungle giants alongside her mother - as if they had always been her home. France's national football team is seen as the benchmark for how things stand in terms of immigration and integration in the country. Many French players are migrants or come from families that immigrated from former French colonies in the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa or the Antilles.

Many are Muslims and many grew up in the banlieus, the notorious suburbs. This World Journal aims to illustrate just how much the national team reflects the difficult relationship between France and its immigrants. Sometimes the players are the pride of the nation and a sign of successful integration, other times they are traitors of the people -French when they score the winning goal, otherwise Arabs.

If you were to walk through the halls of Austria's largest prop store, you would feel as though you were travelling through time. Rarities and day-today items from Austria's contemporary and everyday history are stored here on shelves and in crates. This film shows the magic that is inherent in a prop store and gives experienced prop masters the opportunity to speak. The film also asks what the job of the prop master consists of. Taking a current project, a set decorator is accompanied in his work, enabling the viewer to see how a finished set develops from an idea.

What is the importance of the right selection of props for a film? How do props help the actors in their work? And what is the future of the prop store? They are among the oldest trees in Europe: limes and oaks, sweet chestnuts, firs, larches, ancient stone pines, redwoods - and all of these giant trees can be found in the Austrian province of Styria! All of these questions then bring the story to the next phase in the drama -namely that trees are medicine for body, mind and soul.

Alfred Ninaus looks at trees as living beings and habitats, and paints a portrait of these ancient giants through small anecdotes. A holiday home or apartment in Austria's high-end ski resorts is highly sought-after. Im Sommer soll es losgehen. Erst einmal mit einer Ausschreibung. Abteilungsleiter Manfred Koldehoff rechnet damit, dass er Anfang mit seinem neuen Projekt starten kann.

Laut Koldehoff gibt es eine Reihe von Jugendlichen, die in einer Anstalt "ganz gut mitlaufen", die Regeln akzeptieren, aber nach ihrer Entlassung in ein unstrukturiertes Nichts fallen. Und schon bald wieder vor den Schranken der Justiz stehen. Der Rechtsausschuss des Landtages forderte deshalb eine Gutachten.

Das liegt inzwischen vor und sieht keine rechtlichen Bedenken. Bei Male werden sie rund um die Uhr betreut. Wanjura hat inzwischen die Senatsverwaltungen zu einer Stellungnahme aufgefordert. Das Wohnprojekt soll im April starten. Es liest sich durchaus wie aus einem Drehbuch zu einem unterklassigen Fernseh-Krimi, was sich am 6. Unwidersprochen ist ebenfalls die Schilderung, der Mutter sei gedroht worden, ihr Kind notfalls auch alleine nach Angola abzuschieben. Mutter und Kind sind jedenfalls nach den Ereignissen erst einmal untergetaucht. Der Umgangston des Wachpersonals am Eingang ist barsch.

Haus eins, in der Abschiebehaft: Tomislav J. Tomislav J. Am schlimmsten sei die mangelnde Bewegung. Die Zeiten sind festgelegt. Morgens um 6 Uhr ist die Nacht zu Ende, Dazwischen Stunden der Einsamkeit. Die habe er bereits vor einer Woche bestellt. Eine neue Abschiebehafteinrichtung werde es in Hamburg aber nicht geben. In Bayern ist seit drei Jahren keinem Gefangenen mehr die Flucht aus einer Justizvollzugsanstalt gelungen. Statt Frauenkauf. Liberale Kritiker warnen vor einem Wettlauf um den konsequentesten und sichersten Strafvollzug. In der vergangenen Woche brachte sie im Bundesrat eine Initiative im Bereich des Jugendstrafrechts ein.

In den vergangenen Wochen waren hessische Strafanstalten in die Kritik geraten, weil sie Gerichtsentscheidungen zugunsten von Gefangenen nicht vollzogen hatten. Ein anderer Gefangener durfte dort nur unter bestimmten Auflagen Besuch empfangen, obwohl es ein anderslautendes Urteil gab. Der Strafvollzug solle nicht nur sicherer, sondern - im Sinne einer Wiedereingliederung in die Gesellschaft - auch erfolgreicher werden. Die Anstaltsleitung bekommt das Blatt erst in die Hand, wenn es gedruckt ist.

Sie war bereits gedruckt, da stoppte die Anstaltsleitung den weiteren Vertrieb. Wegen mehrerer Artikel mit strafrechtlich relevantem Inhalt. Der Lichtblick erscheint seit Oktober etwa alle zwei Monate mit einer Auflage von 5 Exemplaren. Geliefert wurden Informationen zu Aids und Ansteckung und es ging auch darum, welche "Katastrophe" es sei, im Knast krank zu werden. Beanstandet wurde kein Artikel. Schon das Cover ist Gegenstand von Ermittlungen. Januar Selbstmord begangen. Statt sechs Ausgaben wird es in diesem Jahr dann eben sieben geben. Er hat Strafanzeige gegen die Autoren gestellt.

Es wird spekuliert, ob Mehmet E. Zudem gebe es kaum noch Entlassungen nach zwei Dritteln der Strafzeit. Das Verbot kommentiert Sch. Hintergrund ist eine Entscheidung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts von , wonach der Besitz kleiner Mengen von Cannabisprodukten zum Eigenverbrauch normalerweise nicht strafrechtlich verfolgt wird. Christian Pfeifer: Auf keinen Fall. Der Kostendruck ist enorm.

Es gibt Richtlinien vor, die unter anderem von Gefangenen durch Klagen beim Bundesverfassungsgericht erzwungen wurden. Diese Eckpfeiler drohen jetzt in Gefahr zu geraten. Sie wollen damit sparen. Das wird auch ganz offen zugegeben. Die Gesetzgebung liegt bisher beim Bund. Aber der Bund gibt Standards vor. Da wurde aus gutem Grund viel Geld in Therapien und Resozialisierung investiert. Das dient auch dem Schutz der Allgemeinheit. Starker Tobak. Mit dieser Kritik stehe ich doch nicht allein. Mehr als 90 Prozent der Anstaltsdirektoren in Deutschland sind gegen diese Reform.

Das ist eine Reform gegen die Praxis, gegen die Wissenschaft. Das ist ein reines Politikspiel. Das Strafvollzugsgesetz des Bundes ist jetzt 29 Jahre alt. Es gibt Anlass, dieses Gesetz zu reformieren. Dieser Druck ist selbstverschuldet durch eine populistische Politik. Er ist entstanden durch eine Bestrafungseuphorie. Trotzdem ist die Zahl der Strafgefangenen seit um 39 Prozent gestiegen. Das macht den Strafvollzug immer teurer.

Ist die Reform noch zu retten? Ich denke ja. Interview: Vera Gaserow [ fr-aktuell. Daran hindere sie das Bundesgesetz - noch. Solche Sach-Argumente sollen nun - Paket hin oder her - ins Gesetzgebungsverfahren eingebracht werden. Und das Motto ist dann: kurzfristig mehr Sicherheit, kurzfristig vielleicht auch weniger Investitionen. Also das Strafvollzugsgesetz hat vollendet, was eigentlich eine Rechtsvereinheitlichung mal bedeutet hat.

Und es gab immer Polemik gegen den Resozialisierungsvollzug. Das ist blanker Populismus, kurzatmige Gegenreform. Da ist ja immer schnell dabei mit solchen Dingen. Frommel: Ich denke, dass populistischer Druck hier eher negativ wirkt. Da ging sie davon aus, kriegt sie am wenigsten Presseschelte. Es gibt einen entsprechenden Beschluss des Landtages. Herzlichen Dank, Frau Frommel. Nein, das darf er nach unserer Auffassung nicht. Sicherheit durch Wegsperren darf nicht Vorrang bekommen vor Sicherheit durch Eingliederung und Ausgleich mit dem Opfer.

Teilst du diese Meinung? Stattdessen will er mehr Sicherheit durch mehr Abschreckung. Welche Forderungen vertritt die AsJ? Deutschland ist ein sicheres Land. Das muss im Strafvollzug erst recht beachtet werden. Laut NRW-Justizministerium gibt es rund Der Grund seien vor allem Renovierungen. Auch zwei alte Zweiganstalten in Duisburg und Oberhausen sollen mit dem Neubau ersetzt werden.

Wichtig sei auch gut ausgebildetes Personal. Von bis brachten sich sieben Insassen um. Zwar kommen auf knapp Vor zehn Jahren waren es rund Allerdings stieg insgesamt auch die Dauer der Haft an. Auch der Sicherheitsstandard ist unterschiedlich. Dies kann auch ohne jeden konkreten Verdacht geschehen.

Die Zahl der Gefangenen in Hamburg ist unter Kusch stark angestiegen. Somit sei alles rechtens gewesen. Haupttatort sei die Dusche. Das Ergebnis dieser Untersuchungen liegt noch nicht vor. Es handele sich keinesfalls um einen Selbstmordversuch. Ein Psychologe werde nur auf Anraten des Arztes hinzugezogen, und der habe keinerlei Anzeichen von Selbstmordgefahr festgestellt. Armin Simon taz Bremen vom 8. Er hatte angegeben, sich selbst verletzt zu haben. Die Anstaltsleitung hatte darauf die Polizei eingeschaltet. Wegen knapper Haushaltsmittel sei zwar nicht mit einer Aufstockung des Personals zu rechnen.

So kann es nicht weitergehen. Das ist unverantwortlich. Der Fall wurde von Anstaltsleitung und Justizressort unter den Teppich gekehrt. Ebooks and Manuals

Der Anstaltsarzt schloss dies jedoch aus. Die erste Streife der Sicherheitswacht ging am August Allein waren Mal Doppelstreifen mit zwei Personen besetzt unterwegs. Die Sicherheitswacht darf Personalien feststellen und maximal Platzverweise erteilen. Das hatte das Verfassungsgericht aber vor zwei Jahren gefordert.

Die Beschwerde wurde den Angaben zufolge symbolisch am Jahrestag des ersten Verfassungsgerichtsurteils eingereicht. Fast Da sieht das Versandhaus nie sein Geld, und auch die Polizei hat schlechte Karten. Ein anderer Trick, der um sich greift: Im Internet werden Artikel per Vorkasse "verkauft" — geliefert wird nicht. Aber haben Kindesmisshandlungen wirklich zugenommen?

Aus diesem Grunde und weil er ein Trassierband bei sich trug, wurde seine Wohnung durchsucht und unter anderem sein PC beschlagnahmt. Davon hielten die Polizeibeamten aber wenig und fertigten dennoch eine Kopie an, was sie dem Betroffenen auch schriftlich mitteilten. Die dagegen erhobene Klage hatte Erfolg. Zu beachten sei dabei aber auch das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung und die Unschuldsvermutung.

Noogie C. Die Polizei kommentiert das nicht. Von dort wartet der Vater eines kleinen Sohnes auf eine Entscheidung. Das geschehe extrem selten. Wachter fragt sich, warum der Mann die angeblichen Misshandlungen nicht angezeigt hat. Der Mann sei damals ausgerastet und habe randaliert.

Denn sie seien vorerst aus dem allgemeinen Vollzugsdienst herausgenommen. Dabei seien Die Schleierfahndung habe zudem zu rund Zudem habe die Polizei knapp Autos sichergestellt. March 06 Warum sind wir nicht frei wie die Tauben? Ich habe doch nichts verbrochen. Oder einen Chinesen, der offenbar kein Wort Deutsch versteht, und der seine Tage kettenrauchend am Gitterfenster verbringt. Ich wende die bestehenden Gesetze auf den Einzelfall an. Und von seinem Sohn muss er sich kritische Fragen gefallen lassen. Die — sparsamen — Hintergrundinformationen zur Abschiebehaft werden schriftlich eingeblendet.

Zwei Extremsituationen hat das Filmteam mitbekommen: Einmal ist Moll live dabei, als sechs kurdische Gefangene beim Hofgang eine Protestaktion vereinbaren. An diesem Punkt musste Moll die Kamera abschalten. Bruder Dawood fragt, wieso sein Bruder nach dem versuchten Suizid tags darauf wieder an die Polizei ausgeliefert wurde: "Wieso kam er nicht in psychologische Obhut?

Das RP sei nicht verpflichet, die richterliche Entscheidung abzuwarten. Und wurde dort prompt festgenommen. Denn am March Durchsuchung der Wohnung einer Richterin war verfassungswidrig Die Verfassungsbeschwerde einer Richterin, die sich gegen die Anordnung der Durchsuchung ihrer Wohnung wegen des Verdachts der Verletzung von Dienstgeheimnissen gewandt hatte, war erfolgreich. Der Zweite Senat des Bundesverfassungsgerichts hob mit Urteil vom 2. Die Verfassungsrichter sahen durch die Hausdurchsuchung das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung verletzt.

Nach Auffassung der Verfassungsrichter war das Fernmeldegeheimnis nicht verletzt. Auch die Geeignetheit der Durchsuchung zum Auffinden von Beweismitteln war nach Auffassung des Verfassungsgerichts "von vorneherein zweifelhaft". Damit reicht den Fahndern schon ein Verdacht auf leichtere Straftaten, um die Beschlagnahmung entsprechender Daten zu veranlassen.

Das Fernmeldegeheimnis sanktioniert solche Zugriffe nur bei einem Verdacht auf schwere Straftaten. Im konkret verhandelten Fall der Heidelberger Richterin, deren Computerdaten bei einer Wohnungsdurchsuchung beschlagnahmt worden waren, weil sie in Verdacht stand, Ermittlungsergebnisse an die Presse weitergegeben zu haben, war das Vorgehen der Fahnder dagegen nicht korrekt. Das Urteil der acht Richter des Zweiten Senats erging einstimmig.

EU-Richtlinie nicht verfassungskonform? Solche Daten z. StPO sichergestellt werden. Zudem koste jeder Tag in der Abschiebehaft rund 74 Euro. Dennoch wertet das CPT die Bedingungen dort als "bei weitem nicht zufriedenstellend". Bislang existiert nur eine Rahmengesetzgebung, aber keine bundeseinheitliche Rechtsverordnung. Ein Urteil wird erst im Sommer erwartet. Anlass der Verhandlung sind Verfassungsbeschwerden eines zu neun Jahren Jugendstrafe verurteilten Mannes.

Und dennoch rollen bereits in diesem Jahr Bagger an. Die Ausschreibung ist nun erfolgt. Eine durchgehende Einzelbelegung sei aber eher fraglich. Es gibt ein Krankenrevier mit 34 Pflegebetten. Der Entwurf beinhaltet u. In diesem Zusammenhang wird die Standortkennung durch die Ortung eines Mobiltelefons z.

Dieses erfasst Kennzeichen vorbeifahrender Fahrzeuge und gleicht sie automatisch mit dem Fahndungsbestand ab. Die Bild- und Tonaufzeichnung darf nur offen, d.

Guter Kaffee, Böser Kaffee - Fairer Handel mit der Bohne - DW Deutsch

Um den Eingriff gering zu halten, sollen spezielle Regelungen zur Verarbeitung und Nutzung der dabei erhobenen Daten getroffen werden. Hiermit werden die Vorgaben des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes in seinem Urteil vom Blutentnahme zur Gefahrenabwehr Die Blutentnahme zur Gefahrenabwehr wird dann notwendig, wenn bspw. Rasterfahndung Die nach den Ereignissen vom Januar in Kraft getretene Bundesgesetz. Dies ist eine wichtige Verbesserung zur bisherigen Gesetzeslage. Reichardt betonte: "Das Land muss bereit sein, diese Summen im Haushalt einzusetzen, wenn der Mannheimer Versuch erfolgreich ist.

Das berichtet das Nachrichtenmagazin 'Der Spiegel' kommende Ausgabe. In einem Fall soll die Fixierung 20 Stunden angedauert haben. Zuvor hatte er die Legalisierung der sogenannten aktiven Sterbehilfe gefordert. Kusch hatte auf alle Fragen der Opposition beharrlich geschwiegen. Er sei nicht verpflichtet, Senatsinterna preiszugeben, argumentierte er. Eine Entscheidung des Gerichts steht noch aus. Seit dem Wochenende bahnt sich nun einer neuer Skandal an. Seit dessen Abgang ist er der Hardliner Nummer eins.

Es habe aber zwei Zwangsentkleidungen mit Fesselung im Sommer gegeben. Dieser Vorwurf ist unhaltbar und falsch", sagte Grote. Kusch steht in Hamburg seit Monaten in der Kritik. Er sehe jetzt kaum Chancen, das Gesetz neu zu regeln. Die Logik des Grundgesetzes ist aber eine andere, und die Karlsruher Richter haben ihr wieder zum Recht verholfen. Wer reist, will nicht umgebracht werden, auch nicht von der Bundesluftwaffe. Die Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts waren sakrosankt nach einem Spruch aus Karlsruhe verstummte im Regelfall die Diskussion, die Verfassungsrichter hatten auf Basis des Grundgesetzes eine Entscheidung getroffen.

Union und SPD bringen gemeinsam so viele Stimmen zusammen. Das bedeutet, es ist ein Flugzeug nur mit Terroristen besetzt, was ein unrealistischer Fall ist. Oder es handelt sich um einen unbemannten Angriff, das ist auch eher unrealistisch. Das sei "vorbeugender Brandschutz" und habe "nichts mit einer Militarisierung der inneren Sicherheit" zu tun.

Eingerahmt wurde der Beitrag von Bildern mit Bundeswehrsoldaten und Aussagen wie "Soldaten sollen helfen" oder "Bereits jetzt darf die Bundeswehr helfen". Das hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht am Mittwoch entschieden. Februar [ ngo-online. According to the German constitution, drawn up at the end of the Second World War and drawing on the experiences of fascism, the army is currently not permitted to intervene inside Germany itself.

According to the report, at least 2, German troops are to be used during the World Cup this summer. Planned amongst other things are: the use of NBC nuclear-biological-chemical detection units at all soccer arenas; the establishment of a emergency-surgical center at the arena in Kaiserslautern; the setting up of a mobile control tower at Stuttgart airport; and the use of CH helicopters for the transport of injured persons.

In addition, the German army will provide accommodations for more than 5, task force personnel in a total of 40 buildings and provide , meals for police officers. But the argument here is completely duplicitous. In , the Federal Constitutional Court reinterpreted the regulations of the constitution and, for the first time since the war, the German parliament Bundestag gave the green light for a combat mission in the summer of the participation of German combat aircraft in the war against Yugoslavia.

In the meantime, approval for such deployments or their extension has become routine, hardly worth a proper debate in the Bundestag. The German army is now active in a series of interventions spreading from Afghanistan to the Horn of Africa. In similar fashion, the ground is now being prepared for German army interventions within the borders of Germany itself. There have been numerous attempts to introduce such a policy going back to the s, when CDU deputies demanded the use of troops against demonstrators and strikers.

At the time, Emergency Laws were passed and the constitution supplemented in by appropriate regulations. Article 87a permits the use of the armed forces for the protection of civil buildings, for tasks related to traffic regulation and to support police measures, strictly limiting this, however, to defense against invasion and a domestic emergency situation. None of these criteria apply by any means to the World Cup—even on the basis of the most generous interpretation. Therefore it must be possible to fall back on the German army as a kind of security reserve.

On a cyclical basis they are wheeled out at any opportunity. Combating threats of terror is merely a pretence. After all, the provision of meals for the police could be undertaken by a private catering company. The use of soldiers on a domestic basis—something which has been a taboo in Germany since the bitter and bloody experiences of the empire, the Weimar Republic and Nazi dictatorship—is once again to become the norm. Der Ermessensspielraum der Justizvollzugsanstalt sei deshalb auf Null reduziert.

Das Grundgesetz binde die vollziehende Gewalt an Gesetz und Recht. Das Justizministerium bestreitet jede Form von Ausforschung. Das ist fatal", sagte Goll. Sie laufen aus dem Gerichtssaal und kichern. Diese sind im so genannten "Mutter-Kind-Heim" untergebracht, in dem es unter anderem ein Spielzimmer und einen kleinen Garten mit Schaukeln und Wippen gibt.

Hier leben bis zu 23 Frauen. In Preungesheim wird viel gebaut. Handgeschrieben steht auf einem an die Wand geklebten Zettel der Text des Liedes: "Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht, my darling. Das beginnt bei 14 Jahren und geht bis hoch in die 70er. Es sind auch alle Deliktarten vertreten, vom Drogenschmuggel bis zum Mord.

Der Anteil der verurteilten Frauen steige, sagt er.