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2. “Outdoor Survival Skills,” by Larry Dean Olsen

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The Dangerous Book for Boys.

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Conn Iggulden Hal Iggulden. In Stock. Outback Survival. John 'Lofty' Wiseman. Laurence Gonzales. Eric van der Horst. The Daring Book for Girls. Andrea J Buchanan Miriam Peskowitz.

Best Survival and Prepper Books

Touching the Void. Bushcraft Illustrated A Visual Guide. The Bushman's Handbook. Australian Army Education Service.

Doomsday Preppers - Wikipedia

Touching The Void Vintage Classics. The Survival Handbook. Touching The Void Vintage Voyages. Dr James Hubbard M D. But what about actual, helpful medicine? Natural painkillers? This guidebook is a bit more helpful for doomsday preppers or for those who would like to treat illness and injury naturally, at home.

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In my opinion, this is one of the more useful survival books for everyday life. I love gardening, plants, and natural food and medicinals that we can find in the outdoors, growing amongst us. Knowing what is safe to eat, and how to prepare for it, is literally life-saving. There are plants detailed in this book, some growing coast-to-coast but otherwise most found in the eastern half of the U. There are other additions that cover varying areas of the U. Set up in helpful chapters that cover pre-mountain prep, actual injury response, and what to do for specific conditions shock, injuries, etc.

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This handy little pocket guide book is literally virtually indestructible: it comes entirely waterproofed. Amongst survival books, this pocket-sized book is a must. The map uses an interactive checklist for all information relating to surviving disasters and stocking essential emergency supplies.

Having this when in the field can mean the difference between life and death sometimes. First Aid White Cross — A very simple application that outlines how to handle emergency situations. So, even someone with limited knowledge can handle situations like excessive bleeding, head trauma, etc.

All steps are well illustrated, with short descriptions.

Top 15 Forever Foods for Survival

First Aid by the American Red Cross — This app has step-by-step first aid instructions, plus quizzes to test your skills. It will find your position via GPS, which will help you find the closest road or river,and get out of dense forest. Flashlight — An excellent app that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light, and also comes with a compass.

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A handy tool for your smartphone especially if all your other sources of light are damaged or lost. Knots 3D — This app teaches you how to make just about any type of knot. The step by step demonstration in 3D can turn anyone into a pro rigger.

List of the best survival books for preppers (reviews below):

Medicinal Herbs — A comprehensive list of herbal remedies, plants and numerous natural supplements. Pet First Aid — Our pets also need help at times, but unfortunately we know very little about them.

  1. The Loser, the Psycho, and the Retard (Same Planet - Different World Book 2).
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