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2. SEO Remains the Biggest Battlefield for Tech Marketers

  1. 12 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 12222
  2. Start making the most out of these B2B content marketing statistics in 12222
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This year, we made a significant change in the methodology.

We limited the survey to respondents whose organizations have used content marketing for at least one year. In addition, we qualified the respondents by asking them to confirm they are a content marketer, someone who is involved with content marketing, or someone to whom content marketing staff reports. This gave us a more experienced pool of practicing content marketers and, we feel, more robust insights.

You want the right people to find value in your content and subscribe to it. It must be:. In short, if you want your brand to be well-regarded by your audience, give it something valuable. Be consistent. Be easy to find. And make it about them, not you.


12 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 12222

But relatively few B2B content marketers research their audience by talking to their customers. Effective personas are based on research about real people. In other words, it is an awesome way to draw you audience deeper into your website, by giving them new content that they are particularly interested in and particularly likely to trust. This is a strategy that Harley Davidson used to lethal effect and has weathered every storm that came their way because of it.

Why not take a page from their book and apply the same system to your content marketing campaign? That social proof is so critical for buyers. They rely on it much more than any other influencing factors. The crux of influencer marketing will remain the same. The difference will be in how brands use it. Brands now seem to be shifting from quantity to quality. Whereas, it may have been the general thinking to get as many endorsements as possible in the past.

Now it should be about the quality and the trustworthiness of the influencer. Then create a campaign targeting these influencers to get their attention.

Start making the most out of these B2B content marketing statistics in 12222

Continue to do this and grow the relationship with those that respond. Millions of videos are made every day about just about any topic imaginable. Live video makes a lot of sense when your brand is out and about in the world. Live stream from your booth at a trade show. Live video offers you unique possibilities that are very engaging. These are only a few of the content marketing trends that will continue to build throughout the rest of the year into next year.

2018 B2B Digital Marketing Trends | Grow Your Online Campaign Efforts with These Ideas

This is why some brands are turning to interactive content to make a lasting impression on their target audience and to drive more engagement. Interactive content, at its core, drives two-way conversations, and allows the audience to actively participate in the content rather than passively consuming it as with static content. Content types like quizzes, tests, calculators, polls or surveys allow consumers to gain tailored results or insights on a topic they care about or a challenge or problem they are facing, and have fun in the process of viewing and interacting with the piece of content.

Sure, Snapchat and Instagram are all cool and exciting, but for the most part, content marketing still relies on the written word. The problem that has become glaringly obvious to anyone who wants to pay attention is that the writing is often poor, to say the least. Most marketers were simply never trained in the fine art-slash-science of writing. Expecting them to do exceptional writing is the same as expecting them to know how to do amazing illustrations or write a theme tune. This is why this might actually be the year when the technical aspects of writing finally get recognized as important and when online writing and blog management services finally get the attention they deserve.

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Many marketers are looking for new and more effective ways to create content beyond their freelancers. It should answer a question your audience is asking or present a solution to their problems. Your objective should be to post quality content on a consistent basis—not tons of low-quality crap. And, the percentage of blog posts that are 2, words or longer has doubled every year. There are a few reasons for the switch to long-form content, including:. Focus on providing quality, unique opinions, and making your long-form piece better than anything else already ranking for the topic.

How often have you purchased something without doing some research beforehand?

9 marketing trends you should track in - WiderFunnel Blog

For example: Your B2B company could produce:. Credibility, industry authority, relevance, and brand awareness. If your content is suitably impressive and ticks the four boxes I just mentioned, a potential customer is already closer to engaging with a sales rep. This source has been ranked as the most important marketing channel for successful bloggers—beating email, influencer outreach, and traditional PR to the top spot:.

Creating content for each stage of the funnel should already form part of your B2B content marketing checklist. According to data by Pardot , a huge chunk of B2B buyers within the awareness stage turn to Google for help. When you head to Google throughout that awareness stage, which results do you take more notice of: Paid ads or organic results? The answer is: Focus hard on SEO. Are you in the SaaS industry? A solid SEO strategy is probably the best way to drive eyeballs to your content. Speaking of backlinks, you might set out on a search to gain links to your website—whether through guest blogging or HARO—to boost the success of your content.