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The first issue deals with different aspects of mammal life.

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A variety of interesting activities are suggested and graded according to the education level of the reader. The book's beautiful illustrations make it a delight to read and, rather than merely listing facts, the book provides extra information and explanations. A chapter, "What Makes a Mammal" describes how animals are classified, the main characteristics of mammals and how they are different from other animals. Mammals, for example, have backbones and braincases, skin and glands and hair on their body. They are active and warm-blooded and they produce milk.

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There is a lot of interesting information about marsupials. At birth, a kangaroo is about the size of a honey-bee! The new-born climb out of the characteristic pouch of the marsupials within a few weeks, or months, depending on the species.

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  4. Also described is how mammals adapt to the environment, their eating habits and self-defense strategies, such as the skunk's smelly spray and the porcupine's dreaded quills. The concept of the range of an animal, that is, the area in which it is generally active, has been explained well, with the help of a diagram that shows the range of different animals, from the house mouse to the elephant.

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    The book highlights how people and animals affect each other in their daily lives. The damage caused by hunting, poaching and deforesting, which results in the loss of natural habitat, is mentioned and conservation measures are suggested.

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    Explore the great outdoors from inside the museum. Explore the science of the birds and the bugs in this new area! The exhibit includes a new Audubon cabin and a demonstration stage where visitors can enjoy nature programs and live animal shows. Check out the collection of Alabama birds including a Bald Eagle, Wild Turkey, two, extremely rare, Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, and even a skull from the extinct Dodo Bird.

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    Doug Phillips. Learn what noises different wild animals make and record yourself mimicking several of the different animal sounds!

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    Then, get up close and personal with some resident creepy crawlies! Learn what role insects play in our ecosystem with the decomposition chamber.